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BetterHelp Australia Review: Is Online Therapy Worth it?

Imagine yourself in the comfort of your own abode, drowning in the sea of stress and yearning for some reassurance. The mere idea of donning presentable attire, confronting the unknown outdoors, and occupying an unfamiliar individual’s chamber for an entire hour is quite daunting. What if it is told that you never have to deal with office dramas? Don’t let your issues weigh you down; let online therapy sessions like BetterHelp Australia lift you up. 


All thanks to the online therapy services and their global network of certified therapists. And the best part? “You can run the show no matter where you go, thanks to your trusty computer, tablet, or smartphone!”

Affordable pricing


  • Affordable pricing options.
  • Wide range of mental health services offered.
  • Flexible scheduling to fit your needs.
  • Professional and licensed therapists.
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BetterHelp offers confidential online counseling with licensed therapists. You agree to pay fees for each session and maintain confidentiality of all communication.


No matter if you’re a city slicker or a country bumpkin in Australia, BetterHelp Therapy is the spot for you. 

How BetterHelp Counseling Was Born?

Once upon a time, in the magical year of 2013, a company by the name of BetterHelp came into existence. Like a sapling growing into a mighty oak, it flourished and grew, catching the eye of one of the giants of telehealth, Teladoc. In less than two years, they were swept up into the warm embrace of Teladoc’s resources and expertise.


But here’s the thing: BetterHelp isn’t about replacing human connection with cold, impersonal technology. Instead, they recognize that modern consumers demand convenience and accessibility and use technology to bridge the gap. By offering online therapy services, they’re making it easier than ever for people to access the support they need while still valuing the importance of human connection. 

How Does BetterHelp Therapy Organization Works?

To start using BetterHelp’s online therapy services, you only need to create an account. Don’t feel comfortable using your real name? That’s totally fine; you can use an alias instead. After signing up, you’ll be taken on a quick and easy multiple-choice journey that’ll help them match you with the right therapist.


Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you’ll be whisked away to a secure payment page. But don’t worry; it’s worth it. Once done, they will match you with a therapist that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.


BetterHelp is proud to say that the majority of their clients are satisfied with their therapist match. But they get it; sometimes, it’s just not the right fit. Don’t worry; just let them know, and they’ll find you a new therapist you’ll love.


After you’ve been paired with your perfect match, you’ll be transported to a private chat room where you can communicate with your counselor 24/7. Yes, that’s right, their chat room is always open!

And as if that’s not enough, all subscriptions include unlimited talking through desktop, app, phone, and video, something that’s practically unheard of in the online therapy biz. And starting a phone conversation? Piece of cake! All you need to do is set a time and day with your therapist for phone or video counseling.

How Much Does BetterHelp Cost? Comparison With Other Traditional Therapy Services!

You know, it’s essential to take care of your mental health just like you take care of your physical health. But, let’s be honest, therapy can be expensive. So, how much does BetterHelp cost compared to traditional therapy? 


Well, if you go the traditional route, you’ll be shelling out around AUD 267 for a session that lasts 45-60 minutes. Contrarily, BetterHelp is bringing its A-game with a weekly appointment of 30 to 45 minutes, plus text message support and other services. And what makes it best? Their fees can be as low as AUD 80 to AUD 120 per week!

BetterHelp Australia Financial Aid Gift For The Deserving

If you can’t quite swing the usual price for BetterHelp’s monthly fees, don’t fret! They have a financial assistance program that could hook you up with a sweet reduction. And it’s super easy to apply. Just answer a few questions about your job, income, and dependents, and you could be on your way to getting some sweet relief!

Does Insurance Company Cover BetterHelp’s Fees?

BetterHelp Australia does not take insurance because they offer round-the-clock chatting and live sessions with real counselors. It’s like having your own personal support squad whenever you need them!

BetterHelp Reviews: Why Choose BetterHelp Australia?

Well, you know what they say; it’s tough to make it to the top, but that’s precisely where their therapists reside. Only 15% of applicants have what it takes to join the BetterHelp team, and they’re not just giving anyone a free pass. 


BetterHelp thoroughly vets each therapist, checking out their background, experience, and references to make sure they’re genuinely the cream of the crop. Plus, they cross our T’s and dot our I’s to verify their credentials. After all that, the chosen therapists are challenged with a case study exam and platform skills test, like a cognitive decathlon!


Stay sharp, everyone; there’s more to be done. BetterHelp’s therapists are like superheroes with their own utility belts, equipped with the latest gadgets; client feedback! They are constantly monitored and use this feedback to level up their therapy game and save the day for their clients. They are certified and legitimized by their state’s professional board and boast a solid three years and 1,000 hours of practical experience. These guys definitely know their stuff!

Picture this: you’re at a party and sharing your deepest secrets with your best friend. Suddenly, a stranger pops up and starts eavesdropping on your conversation. How would you feel? Violated, right? Well, BetterHelp takes your privacy just as seriously as you would at that party!


They’ve got top-notch security measures in place to protect your information from prying eyes. And get this – they even give you the power to shred your chat history with your therapist, just like a paper shredder! It’s like having your own personal secret agent.


But here’s the kicker: you don’t need to call in a favor from James Bond to use it. You can do it all on your own with just a few clicks. It’s the ultimate digital escape hatch!


Online therapy has officially made the old-school head-shrinker routine a thing of the past. All thanks to platforms like BetterHelp that make seeking help easier and budget-friendly. But before you hit that “request a session” button, remember to build that deep, meaningful connection with your therapist (not like we’re talking about some Tinder date here), share your honest feels, and commit to putting in the hard work to achieve those mental health goals. 


So why wait? “Upgrade your mental wellness game by signing up for BetterHelp Australia today!