Anger Management

Dr. Serena Miller
March 17, 2023
anger management near me
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From Fury to Serenity: Programs, Classes, and Therapists For Anger Management Near Me


Are you tired of constantly feeling like a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any moment? Do your angry outbursts leave you feeling ashamed and regretful? It’s time to break free from the chains of uncontrolled anger. It’s time to take the plunge and start searching for ‘Best courses/classes/therapists for anger management near me.’ 


Anger can be a powerful and overwhelming emotion, but it doesn’t have to control your life. With the help of therapy, you can learn to identify the triggers that set you off and develop effective coping mechanisms to manage your anger. Whether it’s cognitive behavioral therapy or relaxation techniques, there are many tools at your disposal to help you find inner peace and control.

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What is Anger Management?


Anger management is like having a superpower that helps you control your emotions and respond in a cool, calm, and collected way. When we get angry, our brain goes into a “fight or flight” mode, which can trigger physical responses like an increased heart rate, sweating, and tense muscles. This response is actually an evolutionary adaptation that helps us survive in dangerous situations. However, when we get angry in situations that are not life-threatening, this response can cause us to react in ways that are harmful to ourselves and others.


But did you know that anger can be damaging to our health if we don’t manage it properly? Studies have shown that prolonged anger can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and even weaken our immune system.


That’s where anger management comes in. By learning techniques to calm yourself down, like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, or mindfulness, you can interrupt the physiological response to anger and prevent it from escalating. According to science (Khoury et al., 2015), incorporating these techniques can help tame that inner beast and prevent outbursts of Hulk-like rage.


Another aspect of anger management is identifying and challenging negative thought patterns that can contribute to anger.  For instance, if you have a tendency to assume the worst and expect the apocalypse at the slightest provocation, you might end up with an anger level that’s off the charts. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a common approach to anger management that teaches you how to identify and change these thought patterns. 


Can You Learn Anger Management Techniques All By Your Own/At Home?


Of course, you can learn anger management techniques all by yourself, even from the comfort of your own home! Think of it like learning a new hobby or skill. You can read books, watch videos, or even attend online classes to learn different techniques for managing your anger.


How Much Are Anger Management Classes?


The age-old, wise question: How Much Are Anger Management Classes? First, let’s talk about the duration of anger management classes. In-person classes usually run for about 8-12 weeks, with weekly sessions lasting 60-90 minutes each. Online classes are more flexible, with some programs offering self-paced modules that can be completed on your own schedule.


Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: the cost. The price of anger management classes can vary depending on a few different factors. In-person classes are generally more expensive, with costs ranging from $50 to $200 per session. If you attend a weekly class for eight weeks, be ready to hand over $400 to $1600! Contrarily, virtual classes offer more affordability, with some programs starting as low as $10 per session. 


But don’t let that scare you off just yet! Many therapists offer sliding scales or payment plans to make therapy more affordable and accessible for everyone. Sure, it may cost a bit of money upfront, but think about the long-term benefits it can provide for your mental and emotional well-being, your relationships, and even your career.


How Do I Find The Best Therapist For Anger Management Near Me?


People often ask, ‘But how do I find the best anger management therapist near me? How do I know which one to trust?’ Well, here are some expert recommendations for this:


  1. Credentials: You don’t want to end up with a therapist who’s still trying to figure out how to tie their therapeutic shoelaces. Look for someone who’s licensed and certified in anger management or a related field. This ensures that they have the education and training necessary to help you work through your anger issues.


  1. Experience: Trying to fit into a new situation without experience is like trying to squeeze into your high school skinny jeans. It’s uncomfortable, awkward, and won’t end well. Find a therapist who can handle your fiery emotions like a pro, with a track record of taming the toughest of tempers. They’ll know how to tailor their therapy game plan to match your unique and fabulous requirements perfectly.


  1. An approach that resonates with you: You wouldn’t wear cowboy boots to a fancy dinner, right? Similarly, you want to make sure the therapist’s approach to anger management therapy aligns with your personal values and goals. Whether you prefer cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, or another approach, make sure it’s a good fit for you.


Now after considering these crucial elements, its time to activate your inner detective and do the following:


  • Get the inside scoop: Reach out to your friends, family, and healthcare professionals to see if they have any recommendations for an anger management therapist. 


  • Surf the web like a pro: Use online directories like Psychology Today, GoodTherapy, and TherapyTribe to search for therapists in your area. Think of it like catching a wave on your surfboard, riding the internet waves until you find the perfect match!


  • Connect with your insurance agent: If you have insurance, reach out to your provider and ask for a list of covered therapists in your area.


How To Help Your Child With Anger Management?


  1. Mindful breathing exercises: Teaching your child how to take deep breaths in through their nose and out through their mouth can help them feel more centered and in control of their emotions.


  1. Creative expression: Encouraging your child to express themselves creatively through art or journaling can provide a safe space for them to explore their feelings and communicate with you about their emotions.


  1. Positive reinforcement: Praising and encouraging your child when they handle a difficult situation well can help build their confidence and give them the skills they need to manage their emotions.


  1. Role-playing: Acting out scenarios where your child can practice managing their anger in a safe and controlled environment can help them develop new strategies for handling challenging situations.


  1. Seeking professional help: We all know time heals all wounds, but that’s not always the case when it comes to managing a child’s anger. So why wait around when you can take action today? Don’t let those angry outbursts become a permanent part of your child’s personality. The good news is that help is just a few clicks away! Just Google ‘The best child therapists for anger management near me,and you can have thousands of options right at your fingertips.




Do you find yourself igniting with fury and in dire need of a rage extinguisher? Don’t sweat it; we’re all familiar with that territory. From handling pressure at the job to juggling intricate connections or to just keeping up with the day-to-day uncertainties, wrath is an organic feeling that we’re all familiar with at some point. 


But don’t just idly look for “anger management near me,” dive in headfirst, and start learning how to keep your cool like a cucumber!

Author Dr. Serena Miller

Dr. Serena Miller is a skilled psychotherapy writer with a unique ability to translate complex mental health concepts into relatable and understandable terms, making her a valuable resource for those seeking to improve their mental health.