BetterHelp Controversy

Dr. Serena Miller
August 13, 2023
BetterHelp Controversy
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Virtual therapy seems to be the way to go these days, all thanks to the previous lockdown that came about with the pandemic. People are increasingly seeking ways to find help online, as this has proved to be more efficient and more convenient, reducing the need for a person to make travel time and giving him a chance to seek the help he needs with complete privacy. And with that comes the Betterhelp controversy, which we are going to discuss in this article.

With virtual therapy becoming a growing topic of discussion these days, it is only normal that opinions are made regarding one to question its efficiency.

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Is BetterHelp good enough for me, or should I reach out for help traditionally? If this is a question on your mind, too, read on as we try to address your doubts and queries.

What is the Betterhelp Controversy?

BetterHelp is a platform where individuals come to seek help online from a qualified therapist. In other words, this is a platform for online therapy, where a person struggling with almost anything from issues as common as anger, stress, and self-esteem to things like insomnia, parental loss, depression, eating disorders, and other family disputes can come to seek help.

It was only a while before the platform, with all the virtual services that it rendered, soon became one of the biggest virtual online therapy platforms, and with that came the criticisms.

While the platform has been proving itself and growing over the past couple of years, it has since recently been meeting some amount of controversy by way of critics complaining of its effectiveness and how it cannot bring about the kind of results that one would find in a traditional method of counseling.

The BetterHelp controversy 2022 is a cry against the platform’s counseling techniques, claiming them to be unethical and thus ineffective and unsuitable for someone with mental health issues.

Now, is that true? Well, the answer depends completely on you. So, before we arrive at a decision, let us move on to vary the pros and cons of this so you can better understand the BetterHelp controversy and see whether you have to worry about it too.

Is BetterHelp Good?

BetterHelp is good in this world where mental health issues are not easily accepted and people still find it difficult to come out in the open to seek out the help they need.

BetterHelp gives such people the option of anonymity, so they can be more forthright and honest as they try to describe the struggles that they are facing.

Confidentiality is something you just don’t have to worry about here as BetterHelp takes enough steps about things like privacy and security. Cyber security, end-to-end encryptions, and multi-step authentications are some of them.

And then, in a world where work keeps us busy, here is a platform that lets you schedule your therapy sessions to suit the time of convenience to get the help you need.

BetterHelp understands that a lot of patients suffering from depression also struggle to make an effort to visit their therapist and come to their help at a time like this.

You can seek help in the comfort of your home, warm in your pajamas between sips of green tea. And then, on other days, there are additional features that you can make use of, like limitless texting.

When Is BetterHelp Not Good?

But know that, despite all this, the platform does have its limitations and is not an alternative to traditional therapy. So, let this not be a shortcut for you if you need some major therapy and are lazy.

BetterHelp clearly states that this isn’t a platform that one should be approaching in times of emergency.

The company has made it clear that this is a place one can come to only in the case of minor issues.

This means that bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and self-harm are not problems for which you should be seeking therapy from BetterHelp. So, if you are struggling with any one of these, BetterHelp suggests that you go out and receive the right in-person therapy.

Why is BetterHelp Not For You?

Because at the end of the day, the platform also agrees that there is nothing like face-to-face counseling, where a therapist can read your body language and other non-verbal cues to gauge your situation and determine the kind of help you need.

Opening up on your deeper struggles may not always be easy over a screen.

This is why the platform chooses to be honest with you regarding the kind of help you need.

So, despite all that you would have come across in the BetterHelp controversy 2022, know that this is one platform that cares for your wellbeing and you won’t do anything to fool your loved ones.

Yet, despite this, if you still like BetterHelp, you can always seek it as the additional help you can take along with the traditional method of therapy that you need. You could even use the platform for the kind of follow-up on your mental health once you are out of your problem and done with your therapy.


From all this, it is clear that BetterHelp is here to stay, and why shouldn’t it? Note that we live in a world where the need for therapy still exists in a lot of places, with a lack of counselors to address the struggles of those facing such challenges, and this platform comes out as a savior in these areas of need.

In the end, know that when you are coming to BetterHelp, you are putting yourself in the hands of certified therapists and professionals who are experienced in this field.

And yet, this is not an alternative to mental health therapy, so if you are going through more serious issues, we suggest you take traditional help, for that is what you are going to need.

There, this should answer all your questions and get you to clear the Betterhelp controversy.

Author Dr. Serena Miller

Dr. Serena Miller is a skilled psychotherapy writer with a unique ability to translate complex mental health concepts into relatable and understandable terms, making her a valuable resource for those seeking to improve their mental health.