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Dr. Serena Miller
August 22, 2023
BetterHelp Philippines
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Mental health is a common problem worldwide, and people now consider it a serious issue. Like the developed countries, South Asians have also shown interest in mental health-related products and services. For instance, according to a survey, the Philippines have made the most Google searches for mental health-related services. Malaysians were second on the list, followed by Indonesians. Though therapies are available, people now prefer online aid from various cognitive health-related platforms like BetterHelp Philippines for the following reasons.

  1. Online support is not time-consuming.
  2. It’s affordable and convenient.
  3. 24/7 assistance.

Want to know about BetterHelp and mental health services? Keep reading!

Affordable pricing


  • Affordable pricing options.
  • Wide range of mental health services offered.
  • Flexible scheduling to fit your needs.
  • Professional and licensed therapists.
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BetterHelp offers confidential online counseling with licensed therapists. You agree to pay fees for each session and maintain confidentiality of all communication.

How to Get a Mental Health Counselor? 

As stated, there are already a lot of counselors around the corner, but the problem is that you have to visit them in their clinics. Not everyone is free enough for routine visits. Sometimes people are scared to have face-to-face meetings to be judged or feel shy to share their problems. In such cases, the best option to get a counselor is online through BetterHelp. 

BetterHelp is a virtual platform created in 2013 that helps people find the right therapist. It offers services at any time. Your location is not an issue here. You can take help from the platform from around the globe. Moreover, the benefits are not only for individuals but for couples as well. 

How Much is a Therapy Session in the Philippines? A Comparison Between the Physical and Online Sessions!

How much is therapy in the Philippines? Let’s find it out!

Generally, physical therapies cause a bit more bucks. The physical therapy session cost Philippines pesos 2,850 to 7,800 for a single sitting. On the other hand, at BetterHelp Philippines, you get a session from an equally qualified therapist at affordable rates. 

The BetterHelp prices vary depending on the plans you choose. These include:

  1. $55 to $95 for one weekly session, including unlimited text messages. 
  2. $320 per month, which provides for a live session each week. 
  3. A three-month plan for $715 (you can also get 15% off here!)

Besides, the most significant advantage is all-time assistance. 

Is BetterHelp Available in the Philippines?

BetterHelp is a USA-based platform, having all the counselors from there. But it provides services worldwide. In fact, BetterHelp is the world’s most popular online counseling platform and is available in the Philippines too. 

The therapists are from the US, so the sessions are in English, which is necessary for effective communication. Moreover, you also need to consider the time difference between the Philippines and the USA. 

How to Get Started With BetterHelp Philippines? 

Want to take help from BetterHelp? Let’s learn about the step-by-step process.

1: Go to

2: Click the “Get started” button in the page’s top right corner. 

3: Choose from the three therapies you are looking for.

4: Answer the series of questions appearing on your screen. 

5: Once the questionnaire is complete, choose the therapist you want by selecting from the provided options. 

6: Enter your card number to start the therapy after completing the initial steps.

The therapy sessions will be in text messages, video calls, and audio calls. Moreover, you and the counselor will also have access to a secure room for discussion. So be on time, as the Philippines is 13 to 16 hours ahead of America. 

How are BetterHelp Therapists Philippines?

When it comes to online counseling platforms, the biggest concern of the customers is about the therapists. Many people have questions regarding their qualifications and experience. If you have the same fears for BetterHelp Therapist Philippines, you need to read this!

Betterhelp has a team of highly qualified psychologists, marital and family therapists, clinical social workers, and certified professional counselors with a master’s or doctoral degree. All the therapists here have at least three years of experience in the field and are licensed and trained. Though the platform doesn’t take responsibility for the patient-counselor interactions but ensures you get the best of the best.  

Is BetterHelp Worth the Money?

Mental health is an alarming issue, and people with impaired mental health need help. In such a situation, online platforms like BetterHelp are a great initiative. If a person feels better after taking sessions from the firm, it’s definitely worth the money. After all, the real wealth is a healthy life. 

Besides, there are multiple other reasons too that make BetterHelp the right pick. Let’s have a look at them!

  1. The sessions are 30-45 minutes long, giving you enough time to open up about your problems.
  2. You can talk to your counselor via video, audio, or text messages.
  3. BetterHelp has a considerable staff that is highly qualified.
  4. The entire team is well-trained and experienced.
  5. The platform offers services at reasonable prices.  
  6. It caters to a wide range of mental health issues.
  7. It’s a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform.
  8. You get help from the therapists 24/7.

Isn’t it worth it? Yes! Definitely, it is. 


What Are Betterhelp Service Charges?

Betterhelp charges a nominal fee ranging from $55 to $715. For instance, if you want a weekly session, the charges will be $55-$95. For a monthly package, the fee is $320, and $715 for a three-month-long package. 

BetterHelp Philippines vs. In-person Therapy: Which is Better?

Each type of therapy has its perks, but Betterhelp is much better for multiple reasons. Let’s count them down!

  1. The convenience of texting if you are a shy baby
  2. No worries about traveling to the therapist 
  3. Highly qualified and experienced staff
  4. 24/7 help and support
  5. Economical fees

And a lot more. So try it out!

The Bottom Line

BetterHelp Philippines is a renowned online platform that helps people with mental illnesses no matter where they live in the Philippines. The firm has highly skilled and experienced professionals who help people overcome mental breakdowns. Moreover, the platform is pocket-friendly, enabling everyone to approach top-notch counselors. So start on the forum today and live a healthy and peaceful life!

Author Dr. Serena Miller

Dr. Serena Miller is a skilled psychotherapy writer with a unique ability to translate complex mental health concepts into relatable and understandable terms, making her a valuable resource for those seeking to improve their mental health.