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Brightside vs BetterHelp: Which is better? 


Brightside vs Betterhelp, how do you make a choice? Online therapy seems like the way to go these days, with more and more people becoming stressed and yet busier and in need of help that is easily accessible from where they are so they do not have to strain their already tight schedule. 


A little research on the internet would reveal a host of names, but of these, two that stand out for their effectiveness and quality service are Betterhelp and Brightside

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  • Affordable pricing options.
  • Wide range of mental health services offered.
  • Flexible scheduling to fit your needs.
  • Professional and licensed therapists.
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BetterHelp offers confidential online counseling with licensed therapists. You agree to pay fees for each session and maintain confidentiality of all communication.

Both are Silicon Valley startups that have, within a short time, gained some great reviews for their performance and services. 


And that’s what brings us to the main question for which you are reading this article: Betterhelp vs Brightside; how do you know which one is right?


That depends on the kind of therapy you need and what it is that you are looking for, so to help you make a choice, here is a little article with the benefits and features of each so that by the end, you are in a better position to make a choice.


Brightside vs BetterHelp: At A Glance


If you are looking for a therapy that is more specialized with medication and courses on cognitive behavior therapy, Brightside counseling would be a good option for you as it provides all this. 


On the other hand, if you are looking for something more widespread and holistic, BetterHelp is the better option for you. 


While Brightside counseling aims to address serious problems like depression and anxiety, BetterHelp covers a wide span of mental health issues. 


While Brightside has a more uniform approach that is focused on driving the right results, Betterhelp works faster with a large pool of therapists and a short turnaround time, so you won’t have to wait too long before you enjoy its service. 


Both of them provide online therapy in a way that is easy and effective, matching you with a service after a brief intake survey. 


The Pros and Cons Of Brightside


Founded in the year 2017 by Brad Kittredge, this is a company based in Oakland, California, but as you would have understood by now, you can avail of its services from the comfort of your home, where all you need is good internet connectivity.


Its main focus is on helping individuals suffering from depression and anxiety, helping individuals keep a constant track of their progress through regular quizzes that rate you. 


The medications here are also standardized, with responsible prescriptions tailored especially for you. 


So, while the response time is slow, know that it is because Brightside makes careful consideration about anything that it offers to you. 


What makes Brightside so reliable is that the company is very honest about what it can and cannot do for you.  


Some of the problems that Brightside won’t claim to be able to help you with our addiction, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. 


In such cases, the company would advise you on finding the kind of help that is more suitable for you. 


It’s always good to start with what is good, so let us begin by seeing the pros that come with Brightside:


Consistency: Each session lasts for a matter of 30 minutes with a standardized therapeutic technique (cognitive behavior therapy) 


Reliability: The services at Brightside are specialized and more inclined towards psychiatry, prescribing medicines if needed. The platform specializes in anxiety and depression.


Affordability: The prices are comparatively lower than Betterhelp and cover insurance, accepting a range of them and also making way for easy payments.


And while the above are some of the things you can enjoy, Brightside counseling also has a few cons, which are as follows:


Slow Response Time: With Brightside, you will have to wait before you are put in charge of a therapist. This means you cannot expect help on the very same day that you sign up. Also, you will have to book an appointment and wait for the given time and date. 


Inflexible: The main downside of Brightside is that it does not address all kinds of mental health problems. The platform is mainly focused on individuals who suffer from depression and anxiety.


The Pros and Cons Of BetterHelp


This one was founded in the year 2013 and is one of the world’s largest platforms of online therapy.


However, this does not mean that it does not have its share of controversy because it is more widespread, with questionable advertising techniques. 


Nevertheless, one cannot disagree with the fact that Betterhelp is still one of the easiest, fastest, and most effective ways to get the online help you need by way of mental health therapy.


However, a word of advice would be that if your conditions are more serious, then it would be wiser to approach Brightside Counseling, as this would be a more reliable platform to get the help you need.



And so, here again, it would be good to begin by having a look at the pros of BetterHelp.


Easy Navigation: The platform is highly functional, with a more inviting homepage that provides links for couples and teens too.


Quick and Easy: You will be granted a therapist in a short time after sign-up. You can message your therapist at any time of the day. Here the sessions can last for about an hour with a therapeutic technique of your choice so you can be relaxed with it.



Now that you have seen the pros, here are the cons:


Inconsistency: The quality of therapy may not be as consistent as Brightside. Also, BetterHelp does not provide medication. 


Pricing: The prices at Betterhelp are known to be unreliable and can, at times, surge, leading to unexpected hikes, which often happen without warning, taking a customer by surprise. Hence with Betterhelp, one has to be especially careful about the pricing. 


Betterhelp Vs Brightside: Which One is Best?


As said above, it depends on the seriousness of your problem. If a little assistance is all you need, a more suitable platform would be Betterhelp. The turnaround time is faster, which means you will quickly receive all the assistance that you need. 


But if you think your condition is more serious, then Brightside is the way to go with its more focused approach in therapy and counseling. 


There, here’s hoping that helps and that you are now better able to make a choice about which platform to approach and the kind of assistance you need.