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Cerebral Vs Brightside: Which One’s Better?


Cerebral vs Brightside, now which side do you head? The internet has made psychotherapy more convenient and affordable these days, thanks to the emerging world of teletherapy, which is on the rise and is known to have helped thousands worldwide.


Today, you can seek the psychological help you want from anywhere in the world, getting in touch with some of the best therapists concerning mental health. 


That said, if you have been researching Brightside and Cerebral reviews Reddit for quite a while, one confusion that is most likely to be on your mind right now is Brightside vs Cerebral. 


Hence, here is an article to tell you all about the two; in the end, you will know which is the better option for you. 


Cerebral Vs Brightside: What’s in Common


While both are aimed at helping the many suffering from depression and anxiety in a way that is effective and discrete, choosing one is the first challenge before you.


To begin with, both are very effective platforms that aim to help and share some things in common, which you can first look at. 


On reading Cerebral and Brightside health reviews, you will see how both platforms address various mental health concerns by way of both medications and talk therapies. 


In other words, patients can get all the help and assistance they need at reasonable costs from wherever he is situated to accommodate their busy schedules. 


Reliable Therapists


At Brightside and Cerebral, you are in good hands. Both are certified platforms with professionals that know just what to do with what you are going through. 


The platforms have doctors and therapists that are highly qualified to provide treatment and prescriptions that are highly reliable and designed to suit you.


While Brightside has therapists that are graduates from some of the most approved colleges and specially trained to treat issues like anxiety and depression, Cerebral has therapists that are board certified with a master’s degree and a license to practice in the state.  


Reasonable Pricing


Finally, coming to the price. In comparison, both Brightside and Cerebral pricing are almost similar. While the prices at Cerebral are comparatively lower, Brightside offers you a bit more by way of service, which makes it reasonable even while being slightly higher.


In the end, you can say that both these platforms are any day more reasonable than a traditional therapy where a single sitting would demand you to shell out an amount of $100 or sometimes even higher. 


A Little On Cerebral


Situated in the state of San Francisco, Cerebral was launched in 2020, the year of the Covid pandemic, and within a couple of years, it reached out to 50 states across the nation and is now gaining popularity throughout the world. 


Cost Effectiveness


What is so nice about Cerebral is that it is cost-effective, where a customer can choose from the different plans according to the one that goes with his budget. 


Every plan covers the medications that the therapist prescribes, so you don’t have to pay again for medicines.  Even with a basic package, a customer can avail of some of the best services with phone and video counseling sessions. 


This way, you can get all the basic help you need at a mere price of $85 per month, making it affordable and a good option for those in financial need. 


The package includes medicine as well as care counseling. An all-in-one package, on the other hand, would include medicine as well as therapy, all for $304, with weekly therapy, unlimited texting, and medicines included as part of it. 


If this seems like a lot, a patient can even opt for a therapy-only plan which comes for $240 per month, where he can avail of all the above services apart from the medicines, as they won’t be included in it. 


Insurance and Other Benefits 


Apart from that, the platform also accepts a variety of insurance policies, with a support coordinator who can assist you with all your queries and issues. 


In the case of more serious conditions like anxiety, depression, and sleep disorder, Cerebral also provides help by way of long-term aid with counseling and medical prescriptions. 


The services at Cerebral are more extensive and long-term and hence a better option for patients who are seeking long-term help and are on a tight budget. The prescriptions are free, and the support that you get is consistent.


Choose your Provider


And here is an added benefit. At Cerebral, you get to choose your provider, an advantage you don’t get to enjoy with Brightside. 


Through Cerebral, you have a variety of therapists, with therapist search tools in addition to that, all of which are aimed at helping you arrive at the best therapist for you. 


A Little On Brightside


You saw what you get from Cerebral. Now read on to see what you can enjoy from Brightside:


Reliable Medication


Every medicine that is prescribed by Brightside has been FDA-approved and will reach you within a period of five to seven days from the day you make a consultation with your therapist. 


Complete Privacy


Brightside is HIPAA compliant, which means it assures you of complete privacy by encrypting all the information that you provide. 


Greater Availability


The best part about Brightside is that it provides unlimited texting, which means, as a patient, you can get in touch with your therapist whenever you want to. All it takes is a message, and help will come to you. 


Besides this, there are also video sessions that you get monthly, which you will indeed find very helpful. 


Brightside is a better choice for those going through depression and anxiety-related disorders as this is a platform that comes with plenty of self-care tools, which are aimed at helping a patient work on himself and improve. 


Also, you get extensive lessons on cognitive behavior therapy, and timely quizzes that allow you to keep track of your progress.


Cerebral Vs Brightside: Now, You Choose! 


A disadvantage of Cerebral is that, unlike Brightside, the sessions are more rigid, which means that you cannot pause between meetings and must be present the whole time. 


Cerebral, on the other hand, gives you one weekly phone or video session that you can choose from based on what is more comfortable for you. 


Conversely, Brightside is more flexible, where a patient can even book an appointment at the last minute. 


But then, for someone looking for long-term help on an affordable basis, Cerebral could be a better option for you. Now you choose.