Bone conduction headphones hearing loss

Dr. Serena Miller
November 8, 2023
Bone conduction headphones hearing loss
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In simple terms, bone conduction refers to the process of perceiving sound through the bones in our skull. Read this post to learn more about this process.

Bone Conduction: What It Is and How It Helps to Perceive Sound


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    Forbrain is a company known for its innovative products designed to enhance speech, language, and auditory processing skills. Their technology, utilizing bone conduction, provides unique auditory feedback to users, aiming to improve communication and cognitive abilities.

    The concept of bone conduction is a familiar terrain for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists.

    The experts understand that bone conduction works to identify sound where there is hearing loss through the ear canal.

    It does this by bypassing and standing in for the eardrum (tympanic membrane). It is crucial to emphasize that bone conduction hearing has significant implications for individuals suffering from hearing loss.

    Interestingly, beyond bone conduction headphones hearing loss solutions, they also offer remarkable results for individuals with normal hearing. 

    Bone Conduction Headphones Hearing Loss vs. Normal Hearing: What’s the Difference?

    For better understanding, let’s briefly discuss about cochlea. Cochlea is the Greek word for snail. So, what is it? The cochlea is a snail-shaped structure in the inner ear filled with fluid.

    Here’s how it works. When a sound goes into the ear through the ear canal, the stimulus pulsates the eardrum and sets the fluid in the cochlea into motion.

    The fluid rouses tiny hairs connected to nerves that transmit sound messages to the brain for quick processing. So, how does bone conduction come into play here?

    It’s simple – bone conduction eliminates the “middle man” from this process and directly transmits the message to the cochlea. It also works perfectly as a bone conduction headphones hearing loss solution.

    You’ve probably played back your recorded voice and wondered why it sounded unlike your voice. Well, it is explainable.

    When listening to your voice, you get the sound stimulus from bone conduction and your ear canal. This supplements the stimulus and alters how you hear your voice.

    When listening to your pre-recorded voice, you hear the voice version that everyone else hears. On top of that, you hear it ten times faster than your ear canal.

    Bone Conduction Headphones Hearing Loss: How It Works

    Bone conduction headphones for hearing impaired are a technology helping many people today. It has become a critical asset for treating hearing loss.

    Although the new generation of cochlea implants has enjoyed tremendous success recently, they still depend on air conduction.

    Additionally, they require that the patient has a functional pathway from the outer to the inner ear. Patients with significant damaged pathways do not benefit from such a solution.

    Interestingly, bone conduction headphones hearing loss solutions work for such patients. We’ll look at some incidences where bone conduction headphones for hearing impaired worked.

    Ludwig Van Beethoven and Bone Conduction

    Ludwig Van Beethoven, the popular pianist, experienced progressive hearing loss from when he turned twenty-six. At forty-four, he had lost his hearing and became almost deaf.

    A report explained how he utilized bone conduction to compensate for his hearing loss. The document talks about how he would bite on a rod, such as a pencil, while composing.

    He would then touch it to the sounding board of the piano to identify the piano sounds through the bones of his skull and teeth.

    This may give a tentative answer to the question – do bone conduction headphones work for hearing impaired?

    Aura Rehabilitation and Bone Conduction

    What is aura rehabilitation? It is the process of detecting and treating hearing loss using different methods that utilize bone conduction as a prime source for auditory stimulation.

    Aura rehabilitation includes using amplification devices like hearing aids. Practitioners place these aids on the bones of the skull or inside the ear canal. 

    Bone conduction headphones hearing loss solution is a remarkable treatment option for individuals with hearing loss caused by malformation or damage of the external ear.

    The Military and Bone Conduction

    Bone conduction headsets were utilized long before becoming readily available. The military utilized them to discreetly and effectively transmit messages to one another.

    It was highly effective to the point of seamless communication without interfering with their aptitude to be vigilant to their environments.

    This further illustrates the significance of bone conduction headphones hearing loss solutions for the hearing impaired.

    Why Use Bone Conduction for Normal Hearing

    It is established that bone conduction headphones hearing loss solution is perfect for people with impaired hearing.

    It has also been suggested that it is a good enhancement for people with normal hearing. In this part, we look at a few reasons this is recommended.

    Enhancement of the Voice for Singing, Speaking, or Acting: People who engage in voice training will benefit tremendously from using bone conduction to help supplement and enhance their expression quality.

    Situational Awareness: individuals who listen to podcasts or music while exercising outside need to be aware of their surrounding sounds for safety. Bone conduction headphones hearing loss solution is an excellent tool in this situation.

    Protection Against Hearing Loss and Amplification: Everyone loves using earbuds and headphones. Unfortunately, the volume is usually unregulated and can cause damage with long-term use.

    Comfort: If using earphones is uncomfortable for you, bone conduction is a good alternative.

    Occupational and Speech Therapy: People with normal hearing have leveraged the benefits of bone conduction as an aide to Speech-Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy.

    These benefits include concentration, attention, language processing, and motor control and coordination.

    Neuroplasticity and Bone Conduction

    The brain’s ability to compensate and change (neuroplasticity) became a significant finding in the early 1940s. This concept altered how people think about training and rehabilitating the brain.

    There are bone conduction headphones hearing loss products in the market today that help people leverage the ability to train the brain.

    They do this by supplementing the frequencies produced by the ears while honing in on the brain’s attention center.

    A little alteration in the sound frequencies heard via these headphones entices the brain’s attention enough to make it work harder to process it. You can liken this to your muscles.

    The more you challenge the brain, the more it grows. So, how do you enjoy this benefit? It’s simple. All you have to do is wear the bone conduction headphones hearing loss solution.


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      Forbrain is a company known for its innovative products designed to enhance speech, language, and auditory processing skills. Their technology, utilizing bone conduction, provides unique auditory feedback to users, aiming to improve communication and cognitive abilities.
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