CSAT Therapist Near Me/Online

Dr. Serena Miller
August 13, 2023
CSAT Therapist Near Me/Online
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Are you or your loved one suffering from sex addiction? Are you seeking support to redirect your path to a happy and healthy life? You must want a CSAT therapist and ask yourself, “How Can I Find a CSAT Therapist Near Me/online?”

Many people with the same addiction have the same thoughts. To help them all, in this article, we’ve covered everything about CSAT therapists and CSAT therapy. Keep reading to get the answers!


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    What is Sexual Addiction and Its Causes?

    Sexual addiction is a disorder in which a person takes help from sexual behaviors to overcome emotions and fulfill psychological needs. These sexual fantasies destroy your personal life and health and keep you always in distress. They directly impact your brain, and you feel temporarily “high.”

    But when those temporary feelings vanish, you start feeling ashamed and guilty of your acts. And the cycle of sexual behaviors and guilt keeps repeating, harming your health. At this point, you need help. Take help from CSAT-certified therapists near me to break the cycle and step towards a prosperous life!

    How to Pick the Right Therapist for CSAT Therapy?

    Now that you’ve decided to step into a healthy life, the first question that comes to your mind is, “How do you pick the right therapist?” Let’s find the answer first!

    • Be clear about why you need a therapist
    • Go for a certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT)
    • Check whether the therapist has previously dealt with similar cases
    • Last comes the fee. Go with a CSAT, providing services at reasonable charges and guaranteed results.

    How Can I Find a CSAT Therapist Near Me?

    If you are living in a big city, you can easily find a CSAT therapist. You might be thinking, how? Well! Google is here to help you out. You can search for them on Google Maps and visit the provided address.

    If you’re shy or don’t want to travel and then wait in the queue for your turn, online help is also available. Several online platforms have certified therapists and counselors. One such platform is BetterHelp.

    BetterHelp has expert therapists and counselors that are available 24/7 to support you. Besides, the platform’s sessions are affordable and effective. And you know what’s the best part? No commute is required to meet the therapist. So, log into the website and start reliving your dream life!

    How Does Online CSAT Therapy from BetterHelp Work?

    Many people hearing about BetterHelp for the first time have many concerns. Having doubts about the therapists and therapies they offer is common. Do you also have any such doubts? It’s time to clear them all immediately, so buckle yourself up to dive in!

    BetterHelp is a globally renowned platform with more than 25,000 highly qualified therapists. The website offers services for children, teens, and couples and helps them find the best therapist to listen to their problems. Additionally, you get virtual counseling sessions at pocket-friendly rates.

    The BetterHelp ensures you get a therapist specializing in sexual addiction therapy. Their sessions involve video, audio, or text messages. Besides, you can also switch your therapist in between the sessions. But how do you get all these perks?

    First, you must select your category, i.e., children, teens, or couples. Next, fill out the questionnaire, and you’ll be matched with the therapist that best suits you and your needs. You can also choose one on your own.

    Also, you can log in to the platform via the website or the app to book appointments and schedule sessions. In short, BetterHelp is an easy-to-handle platform that saves you money and time by providing virtual therapies.

    Cost Comparison Between Physical and Online CSAT Therapy

    Finding an in-person CSAT-certified and experienced therapist is challenging and costly. That’s why people want online therapists for comfortable sessions at a much lower rate. Now, let’s check out the prices of the two!

    The in-person CSAT therapists charge $65 to $250 per hour, and for a single session, their rates are between $100 and $200 per session. On the other hand, at BetterHelp, the weekly sessions cost $60 to $90, including a live session. The cost of a monthly package here is $240 to $360.

    Other than being less expensive, BetterHelp has plenty of other benefits too.

    1. Privacy remains intact.
    2. Have the same results as face-to-face sessions.
    3. It saves you money as you don’t have to travel long distances to meet the therapist.
    4. You can choose any meeting mode, either live video call, audio call, or even text messages.
    5. If you aren’t comfortable with a therapist or aren’t progressing, you can switch the therapist too.
    6. With the BetterHelp app, booking appointments, scheduling meetings, and messaging a therapist is accessible no matter where you are.
    7. At BetterHelp, discounts are also available that you can avail. Besides, the platform also provides financial aid to those who can’t afford the sessions.

    Thus, the online alternatives are much better than the face-to-face sessions.

    Does the Online Therapy Accept Payment Through My Insurance?

    Many online therapy platforms accept insurance, but in the case of BetterHelp, it’s a big NO. The platform is based on the subscription model and doesn’t accept insurance. However, you can get discounts or financial aid if you have financial strains.

    Still, contact your insurance company to confirm the coverage. It will give you an idea of your insurance plan and other details.

    Final Thoughts on How Can I Find a CSAT Therapist Near Me/Online

    Like other addictions, sex addiction is harmful to you and your health. It keeps you in temporary highs followed by shame and guilt. This repeating cycle gives you stress, and you are always mentally upset. To escape this miserable situation, couples seek help from CSAT therapy. But they frequently ask, “How can I find a CSAT therapist near me?”

    Well! If you live in a big city, finding a certified person for psychological help is a piece of cake. Problems are for those living in remote areas. If they can’t find in-person help, BetterHelp is available for online assistance. The platform is for teens, couples, and children and provides sessions for mental-health-related and psychological issues. Log in there to take the online help today!

    Author Dr. Serena Miller

    Dr. Serena Miller is a skilled psychotherapy writer with a unique ability to translate complex mental health concepts into relatable and understandable terms, making her a valuable resource for those seeking to improve their mental health.