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  • Affordable and convenient alternative in-person therapy.
  • Personalized therapy packages featuring individual and couple options.
  • Multiple package options with flexible scheduling.
  • Highly secure with privacy protection.
  • There is no option for text messaging with therapists.
  • It is not currently covered by insurance.
  • Its 14-day money-back guarantee is relatively short, unlike some other competitors.


    Hey Ritual

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    Hey Ritual Review: A Comprehensive Guide to Hey Ritual Online Therapy

    No relationship is perfect. It is a complex journey with its ups and downs. When communication breaks down, conflicts arise, and intimacy disappears. When this happens, the right step is to seek counseling. Going through traditional therapy is often daunting, especially considering the inconvenient schedules and the high costs. 

    Thanks to technology, people can now access a more flexible and contemporary therapy option that allows them to walk through relationship challenges and strengthen bonds. Hey Ritual is one of the leading platforms established to redefine couples’ therapy. 

    Featuring a blend of comfort, convenience, and expertise of professional and licensed therapists, this is one platform you may want to check out. To guide you in your decision-making, we share a comprehensive Hey Ritual review covering all you need to know about the platform. 

    The Hey Ritual Story: How It All Started

    Hey Ritual is a young company established in 2021 by David Pruwer, Gilad Meir, and Nir Shtern. The company was created out of a shared passion to provide effective relationship care and support. 

    With an understanding of the limitations associated with traditional therapy, Hey Ritual created a platform that seamlessly incorporates personalized therapy with technology.

    Its goal is to equip couples with all they need to work out their relationship issues at their own pace and from the comfort of their homes. The platform opened its doors for ritual couples therapy in October 2022 and has been going strong since then. 

    Hey Ritual’s Holistic Approach to Couples’ Therapy

    Hey Ritual goes beyond a simple platform for booking therapy sessions. It is a successful system built around three pillars – experienced and licensed therapists, interactive learning tools, and personalized therapy plans.

    Experienced and Licensed Therapists: The company undergoes a rigorous selection process when onboarding therapists. This is to ensure clients receive effective support from qualified and experienced professionals. 

    The team of therapists includes marriage and family therapists, psychologists, licensed counselors, and social workers. These professionals are trained to adhere strictly to ethical standards and use evidence-based practices.

    Interactive Learning Tools: Beyond the regular therapy sessions, the platform also offers video lessons, relationship-based quizzes, and self-guided exercises. You will find a customized pathway to address your specific relationship concerns. 

    Personalized Therapy Packages: The platform understands that each couple is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all. Therefore, it offers different therapy plans tailored to individual requirements.

    You can choose solo or couples’ sessions, and depending on your schedule, you can make your sessions weekly or bi-weekly. You are sure to find the perfect package that fits your schedule and budget.

    You can access your ritual couples therapy through the app on your tablet or smartphone. While you can sign up and watch video sessions on your desktop computer, you need a tablet or a phone to access its different features.

    More on the Interactive Learning Tools at Hey Ritual…

    To make therapy seamless and convenient, the platform provides curated pathways and sessions that clients can select from.

    Depending on your first assessment and preference, you can select a pathway as your personalized roadmap to ritual relationship therapy. You will find valuable resources to help you through the journey. These include:

    Interactive Video Lessons: These come in bite-sized modules covering relationship concepts, conflict resolution techniques, and communication strategies. These lessons are delivered in informative and engaging videos.

    Journal Prompts: The platform offers guided journaling prompts you can use to reflect on your feelings and thoughts as you go through your sessions. These prompts are designed to spark up self-discovery and meaningful conversations.

    Quizzes and Exercises: You can gain lots of valuable insights from the quizzes and exercises. They allow you to assess your personal and couple dynamics to identify your strengths and areas for growth.

    All these tools complement your ritual couples therapy sessions. They allow you to engage actively with the learnings and you can apply them to your daily interactions with your partner. Clients have access to these resources 24/7 and can get support and guidance whenever they need it.

    Therapy Packages and Pricing at Hey Ritual

    The platform offers three therapy plans, and you can choose any plan when you sign up. The best part is that you can switch plans whenever you like. For example, if you decide on the solo package at signup, you can switch to a couple package when you onboard your partner. Let’s check out the pricing plan in detail.

    Solo Therapy Plans

    This plan has two packages – weekly and bi-weekly solo therapy sessions. What are they?

    Weekly Solo Therapy Sessions: This package entails weekly private sessions with a licensed therapist. At sign-up, you are assigned a qualified therapist based on your unique needs. In addition, you also have access to personalized pathways, interactive video lessons, and exercises. The fees are as follows:

    • $160 per month if you choose the monthly payment package
    • $136 per month for a three-month outright payment, which amounts to $408 for three months.
    • $120 per month for a six-month outright payment, which amounts to $720 for six months.

    You save $240 if you choose the six-month payment plan instead of the monthly payment package.

    Bi-weekly Solo Therapy Session: This plan features a private session bi-weekly with a seasoned professional therapist. Like the weekly package, you also get access to your personalized pathways, interactive video lessons, and exercises. The costs associated with this package are:

    • $100 per month if you are paying monthly.
    • $85 per month for an outright three-month payment, which is $255 for three months
    • $75 per month for an outright six-month payment, which is $450 for six months.

    You save $150 if you choose the six-month payment plan instead of the monthly payment package.

    Couples Therapy Plans

    This package covers three private therapy sessions per month and a joint session. Like the solo packages, you can access personalized pathways, interactive video lessons, tools, and exercises. The costs for these plans are:

    • $260 per month for monthly payment
    • $221 per month for an outright three-month payment, which is $663 for three months.
    • $195 per month for an outright six-month payment, which is $1170 for six months.

    You save $390 if you opt for the six-month payment plan instead of the monthly package.

    The list you can do for any of the packages is one month. However, the platform has a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the service.

    Suffice it to mention that the platform has more competitive pricing compared to other apps and even in-person couple therapy. One downside, though: Hey Ritual is not covered by insurance, but we hope this will change with time.

    User-friendly Interface: Sign-Up Process

    As mentioned earlier, you can only access all features on a tablet or a mobile phone. However, it has a user-friendly interface that does not require any skills to navigate. The sign-up is seamless and you can complete the process in minutes. Let’s see how to sign up on the platform.

    How to Sign up at Hey Friendly

    You can create an account on the desktop site or mobile site. When signing up, you need to provide a username, email address, and password. Here are the simple steps:

    • Step 1: Visit Hey Ritual’s official website to sign up. 
    • Step 2: Complete a couple of quizzes to help them understand your relationship concerns.
    • Step 3: Select your pathway based on your current needs.
    • Step 4: Book a therapy session.

    You can preview the calendar to find a convenient time slot for your private or couple session. Once you book a session, you will receive an SMS link that gives you access to your therapy profile. You also get reminders about your sessions through emails and texts.

    Step 5: Complete the quizzes, video lessons, and journaling prompts.

    Step 6: Discuss your progress with your therapist and gain valuable insights during your sessions. Ensure you complete any assignment and discuss your challenges with your therapist to get the best out of your sessions.

    How to Effectively Use the Platform

    Hey Ritual is a perfect alternative to traditional in-person therapy. It is also not like other therapy apps. It has a structured format that replicates in-person therapy but with a more convenient approach. We recommend that you take advantage of the guidance and tips provided during your introductory sessions and engage with the lessons. 

    Irrespective of whether you do couple sessions or solo sessions, the platform is a great resource place for couples looking for expert advice to strengthen their bond and deal with relationship challenges. The video lessons are bite-sized to make it easy to engage and digest. 

    They are based on scientifically proven therapy methodologies. Another way to leverage your sessions is to ask your therapist about additional resources to review in between your sessions.

    Privacy and Confidentiality

    Hey Ritual takes confidentiality and privacy seriously. You can read their privacy policy on their platform to understand what they offer in this regard. The client’s information is secure and encrypted, and the platform does not share users’ information with third parties. To ensure privacy, it allows clients to use aliases to sign up instead of their names.

    Also, it does not have a chat record. And the only information you give during your lessons and sessions is what the platform has. While the therapists record video sessions, they inform clients before the session starts. You can choose to have your sessions with your camera off to further protect your privacy.

    The Verdict: Is Hey Ritual a Good Platform for Ritual Couples Therapy?

    Hey Ritual offers an accessible and affordable alternative to traditional in-person therapy. Its blend of expert guidance and interactive learning tools offers the perfect resources for self-paced therapy. Whatever problem your relationship is going through, Hey Ritual offers the tools to navigate the situations and come out better and stronger in your relationship. 

    Overall, we will recommend this therapy app to anyone looking for affordable but expert support. So, who should consider using this app? The app is a great choice for couples having mild to moderate challenges and are looking for accessible and afford able therapy. 

    It is suitable for busy people who prefer the convenience of online therapy sessions. It is worth mentioning that the customer support on the site is also effective. If you have any inquiries, you can contact customer support and they will get in touch as soon as possible/

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Does Hey Ritual offer a free trial?

      Unfortunately, it does not offer a free trial. However, you can take advantage of its 14-day money-back guarantee, which ensures you get back a refund if you are unsatisfied with the service.

    • Does Hey Ritual accept insurance?

      The platform does not accept insurance at this time.

    • Is Hey Ritual anonymous?

      You can access the platform relatively anonymously when interacting with your therapist. The therapist only sees the name you provided and not your contact details. You may also use a nickname to protect your identity.

    • Does Hey Ritual have a cancellation policy?

      Clients can cancel their subscriptions anytime using the contact form on the official website. You must cancel within 14 days after signing up if you want your money back.

    • How much does ritual couples therapy cost?

      Hey Ritual offers two therapy packages. The first is solo therapy, which has bi-weekly and weekly plans. The second is couple therapy, which offers joint therapy to partners. The cost for each package is highlighted above for review.

    Pros of Hey Ritual

    • Affordable and convenient alternative in-person therapy.
    • Personalized therapy packages featuring individual and couple options.
    • Multiple package options with flexible scheduling.
    • Highly secure with privacy protection.

    Cons of Hey Ritual

    • There is no option for text messaging with therapists.
    • It is not currently covered by insurance.
    • Its 14-day money-back guarantee is relatively short, unlike some other competitors.


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