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Is it Easy to Find The Best Sex Therapist Near Me?


Do I need a sex therapist near me? This has probably been one of the many questions on your mind if you are someone who accidentally came across this page.


And yet, know that one of the many challenges that couples today face is in the area of sex, which could, in turn, lead to serious problems in their marriage if not checked.

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So, that said, it is time for a self-check. While you may not have landed on this article by typing ‘sex therapy near me,’ a look at this page till the end will probably leave you feeling more informed about things you earlier thought you didn’t need.


Why Do I Need A Sex Therapist?


Difficulties in sex life are common and not meant to be hidden and suppressed, lest they lead to further problems in one’s relationship and marriage.


This is more so today, where in this world of confusion and stress, help is only a few clicks away.


This is a platform where you have some of the best mental health professionals who will work closely with you by considering the many challenges in your marriage and your mental health needs.


Often couples don’t realize that mental health problems need to be addressed together, and couples need to grow together, working hand in hand with an experienced professional if need be.


A Word From Tasha Selter


Tasha Selter is a family and marriage therapist who says that a good marriage is one where both partners are equally looked after, cared for, and seen by the other.

In other words, the giving must come from both sides, be it by way of sacrifice or understanding. This is what will, in the end, create two satisfied partners and a marriage that is more lasting and sustaining.


Both partners need to take the time to hear each other out and understand the other’s needs, and trouble arises when this goes missing.


Sadly, what often happens is that one partner of the two gets neglected, which could lead to a lot of disappointment which he or she will suppress, and this could leave the marriage wounded and in need of healing.


This calls for both partners to be more mindful, which could be a challenge, and so one way out of this is by seeking the right sex therapy.


And while there are a lot of results that will pop up when you go online and type ‘sex therapists near me’ or rather ‘couples sex therapy near me,’ knowing the right one that will help you grow in your marriage is the first and foremost thing you need.


Why Only A Sex Therapist?


Now, there are some who, on reading this, are wondering the difference between a marriage therapist and a sex therapist.


While a marriage therapist will spend a chunk of your time addressing the mental and emotional issues within your marriage, a sex therapist is an expert who exclusively deals with sex-related concerns that include intimacy and communication concerning this.


Some other sexual problems that a couple can go through our addiction to sexual activity (which can lead the other partner to feel tired and confused), mismatching desires concerning sex, the experience of pain during sex, lack of fulfillment in the activity of sex, mismatched libidos, concerns about asexuality, lack of connectivity and so.


The Benefit of A Couples’ Sex Therapist


Now, these are some of the things that, as a couple, you may have difficulty bringing up and sharing with your marriage therapist. A sex therapist, on the other hand, is meant to hear and understand needs like this.


These are specialists that come with a unique understanding of sexual relationships, which they will use to help you bring out all problems like this in your relationship.


He will ask you all the right questions in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling uneasy so that you can comfortably open up about the problems you face and explain all of them.


Now, deciding which of the two is meant for you is left to you. Take the time to check the areas in your marriage that you are struggling with and the challenges that you face, and you will arrive at the kind of help that you need.


BetterHelp: The Best Couples Sex Therapist Near Me


One way to find help is to go online and type sexologist near me, but rest assured that you don’t have to do that anymore now that you landed on this page.


Remember that, in the end, there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to reaching out for help in your marriage, be it by way of financial disagreements or even the area of sex.


If not a therapist, who would be a better person for you to bring your problems to and share?


True, your friends are always there, but then there is only so much that you can get from there through expert care.


BetterHelp, on the other hand, comes with the right expertise and experience you need to give your marriage the right treatment and care, all done at a reasonable rate, so you won’t need too many bucks to shed.


There, and with that, here’s hoping that you liked all that you just read.


BetterHelp For Better Days


At the end of the day, sex is an important aspect of marriage, something that couples look forward to when they come to the close of a long and tiring day.


And while many hurdles come in the way of this, worry not, now that you have BetterHelp on your side to guide you with this so that your marriage is heading the right.


There, now aren’t you grateful for having opened this page? Sign up and become a part of the BetterHelp today, and know that better days are soon coming your way.