Logotherapy Near Me or Online

Dr. Serena Miller
September 11, 2023
Logotherapy Near Me or Online
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Are you feeling lost or struggling to discover your life’s meaning? Are you battling stress and anxiety that hinders you from living your life to the fullest?

In the contemporary era, there are a lot of problems and challenges that have shackled many people and have made them question their existence. If you feel the same, logotherapy is here to help you out!


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    What is Logotherapy?

    Logotherapy is derived from the Greek word “Logos,” meaning “meaning.” It is a therapy that helps people find the meaning of their lives. The term was coined by a psychologist and psychiatrist, Viktor Frankl. He was a concentration camp survivor of World War II and had some horrible experiences that led him to introduce the therapy.

    According to Frankl, the basis of the logotherapy lies on “will to meaning.” It simply means that every human being on the earth has a strong desire to figure out the meaning of life, and with the help of therapy, even distressed and tense individuals get a goal to work on.

    Key Concepts in Logotherapy

    The logotherapy practiced today is different from what it used to be at the time of Frankl. However, the core concept is the same. The purpose of the therapy was to instill in people that adversity can be changed into strength. This approach towards life helps in mental peace and living a meaningful life.

    Let’s discuss some of the critical concepts of the therapy below:

    ●      Dereflection

    Dereflection is a technique where the therapist focuses on diverting your attention from anxiety-causing things or situations to others. In the technique, instead of focusing on yourself and feeling miserable, you have to focus on the people around you.

    Hence, dereflection is highly effective for people with anxiety disorders.

    ●      Paradoxical Intention

    Many people suffer from anxiety and phobia, which hinders them from performing normally. In the paradoxical intention technique, such people repeatedly do the things causing dread with a twist of humor or the goal of intensifying it. This experience reverses the usual patterns of avoidance and anxiety. As a result, the fear gets removed, and life becomes easy.

    ●      Socratic Dialogue

    Ever heard of self-analysis using words? That’s precisely what happens in Socratic dialogue. It’s a technique where you analyze and interpret your own words. Not only you but your psychologist also focuses on your speech and tries to understand the meaning of your words.

    In this way, the Socratic dialogue helps you understand your words and discover the meaning of life.

    What are the Benefits of Logotherapy?

    Now that you have a clear idea about the prime concepts of logotherapy, it’s time to uncover some of its benefits. Let’s dive in, then!

    1.    You Become Optimistic

    One of the most significant benefits of logotherapy is that your thought patterns change. You start thinking positively, no matter what the situation is. As a result, you begin suppressing negative thoughts and emotions.

    2.    You Start Accepting Your Situation.

    We often encounter situations where we can’t change them in our favor. At such points, becoming anxious and negative thinking is pretty normal.  But logotherapy helps us accept it rather than complain about it.

    3.    Logotherapy Enables You To Control Stress and Anxiety.

    Anxiety and stress are the two most common mental illnesses. But with logotherapy, overcoming them is easy as it helps change the perception of stress.

    4.    Logotherapy Makes You Fearless.

    One of the logotherapy techniques, paradoxical intention, is highly effective in combating fear. It makes you courageous enough to face your fears without avoiding them or becoming anxious.

    5.    You Become Better at Relationships.

    A person with no meaning in life is always under constant pressure and stress, affecting the relationships associated with them. They start building better relationships once they figure out why they are in this world.

    6.    Positive Approach Towards Life

    People who know what to do in life have a positive approach. They take things seriously and give their best in every possible way.

    7.    Spirituality

    Logotherapy makes you spiritual.

    Who Can Undego Logotherapy?

    Every individual with or without any mental illness can undergo logotherapy. But works well for people having the following issues.

    • Grief
    • Stress
    • Phobia
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Schizophrenia
    • Suicidal thoughts

    How to Get Logotherapy Near Me?

    Like many other people, are you also worried about finding a logotherapist? Well! With many claiming to be expert logotherapists, choosing one is often tricky. But how’ll you do that?

    All you have to do is search “logotherapy near me” or “logotherapists near me.” Google will give you information about the therapists located near you. Next, check their reviews and speak to them to get a rough idea. If you find anyone trustworthy, visit them to see if you are comfortable with them. Ensure to opt for only certified and trained therapists, not the quacks.

    Logotherapy Online

    If you find physical meet-ups with your therapists tiring or irritating, you can also use online logotherapy from a trusted platform like BetterHelp. It’s a USA-based virtual mental health aid-providing platform with highly qualified therapists and counselors.

    First, you must complete a questionnaire to get the services from the platform. Based on it, you are matched with a therapist. But that doesn’t mean you can’t choose the counselor yourself. Additionally, you can book appointments and schedule meetings too.

    Give BetterHelp a try, as it’s a well-known platform with decent session charges. Also, you can change your therapist anytime during the session if you don’t find them comfortable.

    Price Comparison Between Physical and Online Logotherapy

    Let’s compare online and physical logotherapy session prices to see which option is more reasonable. So, here you go!

    The price of a logotherapy depends on various factors, for instance

    • Your age
    • Your location
    • Expertise of the therapist
    • Qualification of the therapist

    Considering the factors, logotherapy costs range from $70 to $200 per session. Contrary to this, BetterHelp charges $60 to $90 per week or $240 to $360 monthly, which involves one live session per week and text messages. The platform also provides discounts and financial aid to those in need.

    Wrapping It Up

    Logotherapy is a psychological treatment that helps people find their life’s purpose and meaning. People with any psychological issue or without it can go for logotherapy as it helps clear their thoughts and gives them a path to walk on. But the biggest problem is looking for a “ logotherapist near me” or “logotherapy near me.”

    The solution to the problem is Google and BetterHelp. So, look for the logotherapists on Google for a physical meetup or register on BetterHelp for virtual therapy.

    Author Dr. Serena Miller

    Dr. Serena Miller is a skilled psychotherapy writer with a unique ability to translate complex mental health concepts into relatable and understandable terms, making her a valuable resource for those seeking to improve their mental health.