Zoning Out Anxiety

Dr. Serena Miller
September 17, 2023
anxiety zone out
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When your brain can’t handle too much stress, it gets numb, a condition termed anxiety zoning out. Anxiety-led zoning out is highly common in trauma victims, such as individuals who have met an accident or were sexually assaulted. They cannot forget that part of their lives, and when they come across events reminding that unfortunate phase again, they get triggered. Despite that, sometimes zoning out is used to cope with anxiety disorders.  

If you or any acquaintances have anxiety disorders or complain about zoning out, read the article to learn more about the condition!


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    What is Anxiety Disorder?

    One of the most popular terms these days is anxiety. Anxiety disorder, or panic disorder, is when an individual shows excessive fear or apprehension about a situation and starts behaving abnormally. Generally, these pain attacks give indications before actually happening, but sometimes there’s no warning.

    The physical symptoms of anxiety are more related to heart attacks, which sometimes confuses people. Besides, these attacks mainly occur to people in a tense situation for a longer time or worried and can even happen in a row. Various factors contribute to mental illness, such as too much caffeine intake, hectic work life, insomnia, stress, etc. 

    Furthermore, coping with anxiety is necessary, as it can destroy your relationships and daily routine. Such individuals are advised to avoid negative feelings; if the case is severe, they must consult a counselor. 

    What is Zoning Out Anxiety and What are the Causes of Anxiety Zoning Out?

    People often ask, “Why do I keep zoning out? Is zoning out a sign of depression?” Let’s first learn about anxiety zoning out to answer these and many more questions!

    Zoning out anxiety is a way through which your mind protects itself from the bad experiences that are too overwhelming for your brain to process at once. During anxiety spacing out, your brain recognizes that you can perform an activity without thinking about it.  

    In other terms, your brain’s autopilot mode is on, and you start behaving accordingly. Another vital thing to remember is that zoning out is a milder side of dissociation and also works as a coping mechanism. 

    Now, let’s see the factors that cause anxiety as a result of which you zone out!


    • Medical issues like heart, lung, or thyroid problems also cause anxiety. 
    • Malfunction of the brain circuit responsible for fear and emotions.
    • Stress due to tense situations or trauma also causes anxiety. 
    • Overload of information in your head.
    • Anxiety issues can be in your genes.
    • Drug and alcohol abuse.
    • Sleep deprivation

    Symptoms of Anxiety

    If a person is having anxiety disorder, how would you know? What are the indications that a person is having an anxiety attack? Let’s have a look!

    • Panic attacks that involve fast heartbeat, racing thoughts, tremors, fear, and an urge to escape the place or situation
    • Binge drinking, eating more than the required amount, and taking unnecessary medication to calm oneself down are all anxiety symptoms. 
    • Persistent tension in muscles
    • Shortness of breath
    • Sleepless nights
    • Stomachaches

    Besides, people with obsessive-compulsive disorder indulge in activities that seem weird and meaningless to others and can even impact their relationships.  However, to them, such actions are anxiety relieving.

    How to Deal with Anxiety?

    Anxiety causes behavioral and cognitive changes in a person. The most common behavioral change is avoidance. On the other hand, an anxious mental disorder manifestation has a regular pattern. Examples of such disorders include:

    • Presume that you knowrs are saying or thinking about you.
    • Negative anticipation about things that have yet to happen.
    • Taking everything as a personal attack.

    Such people need immediate help to restructure their thoughts to bring them towards positive thinking. The only way to do it is by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which gives guaranteed results and has already helped many individuals with anxiety disorders. 

    Take Online Help from BetterHelp

    Do you know what BetterHelp is and how it has transformed lives? Read on to know!

    BetterHelp is a USA-based online platform that provides therapeutic services. The therapists and counselors here are highly qualified, experienced, and kind. Here are some of the benefits of treatment from BetterHelp.

    • Money-saving treatment as you don’t have to travel long distances to meet your therapist.
    • You can contact the therapist via a text message, audio call, or a live video session.
    • Compared to physical sessions, BetterHelp’s sessions are inexpensive.
    • As the treatment is online, it’s convenient.
    • The platform provides guaranteed results.
    • You get support 24/7.

    Take online therapy sessions from BetterHelp now and see the efficaciousness yourself!

    How to Sign Up for BetterHelp?

    BetterHelp’s registration process is pretty simple. The platform provides services to children, adults, and couples. First, choose your category and complete a questionnaire with the correct information. Based on it, you’ll be matched with a therapist once the registration is complete.

    Once done, create an account with your email address or Facebook account. Next, the platform will ask you about your preferred counselor based on their specialization and the type of therapy they offer. 

    Once you’ve finalized the therapist, send them a message, confirm your plan, pay for the service, and that’s it! You can now start video chatting with the therapist. 

    Price Comparison Between Physical Therapy and Online Therapy by BetterHelp

    Generally, online treatments are less costly as compared to physical ones. The same goes for BetterHelp as well. Online therapy from BetterHelp costs $60 to $90 per week, and the monthly treatment package ranges from $240 to $ 360.  Besides, the platform also offers discounts and financial aid to deserving people.

    Besides, in-person or physical therapy costs $65 to $250 per hour. Hence, it shows that BetterHelp is a much better option. 

    Final Thoughts on Zoning Out Anxiety

    Anxiety disorders affect a person’s life. Individuals living with them suffer in performing daily tasks and have very limited social interaction. Fortunately, BetterHelp offers therapies for zoning out anxiety at an affordable rate. The treatments are effective, and patients see improvement within a few weeks. 

    Author Dr. Serena Miller

    Dr. Serena Miller is a skilled psychotherapy writer with a unique ability to translate complex mental health concepts into relatable and understandable terms, making her a valuable resource for those seeking to improve their mental health.